Echizen Fukui will be at the heart of Echizen Fukui's seasonal happiness and Yutaka Nayu.

Jukoen located on the premises of Echizen Pottery Village, surrounded by Fukui's natural mountains.
In a wooden inn, you can relax to your heart's content while tasting the delicious seasonal dishes that you could have at Fukui in all 5 rooms where you can feel warm warmth of wood.In addition, Echizen Pottery Village is known for being able to Making Pottery Experience Fukui, and you can create your own original pottery.
Winter is a JUKOUEN nestled in a good location, a 15-minute drive from the Fukui Prefecture Echizen Town Coastline, known for landing a Echizen Crab, please enjoy Fukui Specialty winter champions Echizen Crab

A restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of winter quietly and abundantly

  • King of winter taste! Echizen Echizen Crab landed on a day trip at Echizen fishing port!

    Echizen Crab finally lifted!

    You can enjoy a full course using Echizen Crab landed on a day trip to Echizen Port!

    In addition to the crab course, we offer various plan such as the Wakasa beef course and the seasonal kaiseki course.

    Please spend a leisurely leisurely stay in a quiet five-room inn in Echizen Pottery Village.

Guide within facilities

  • room

    Enjoy a quiet and scenic Japanese garden that you can see from your room

    Relax and relax in a purely Japanese room
  • room

    The state of the room in the facility.5 pairs a day only

    Please spend a quiet and relaxing time
  • Bath

    Hanamizuki Onsen Bath
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7-7-1 Ozowara, Echizen Town, Nyu County, Fukui Prefecture

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Get off at JR Hokuriku Line Takefu Station, Taxi 20 minutes·30 minutes by bus.The car is about 30 minutes from Hokuriku Expressway Takeo IC.
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