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Tourist information

  • Tojinbo

    • Approximately 80 minutes by car

      Cliffs of rough rocky skin rising at a height of 25 meters from the surface of the water are powerful.It is designated as a scenic spot of the country, a natural treasure.
  • Matsushima Aquarium

    • Approximately 80 minutes by car

      It is an aquarium where you can see, touch and have fun experiences, such as the “Penguin Hall” with a dolphin show and underwater tunnel.
  • Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Musuem

    • Approximately 120 minutes by car

      It is Katsuyama City in Katsuyama City famous for excavating dinosaur fossils nationwide.It is also known as a dinosaur museum in the world, and you can enjoy from adults to children such as specimens and models.
  • Asakura Remains

    • Approximately 100 minutes by car

      Castle town ruins when Asakura ruled Echizen no Kuni (province) of Echizen no Kuni (province) during the Sengoku Period period. The excavated ruins are designated as a special scenic spot of the country / special scenic spot.
  • Leisure facilities

    • Shibamasa World

      Theme park surrounded by the Sea of ​​Japan and the lawn.There are many attractions such as swimming pool and putt golf with Swim Ring Water Slider of the world's longest maximum drop.

      Approximately 80 minutes by car
    • SKIJAM Katsuyama

      A big slope where you can enjoy a total of 12 course that can be enjoyed from beginners to advanced players and long cruising with the longest course distance of 5,800 m in Western Japan.