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Tourist information

  • Tojiban

    • Approximately 80 minutes by car

      Cliffs of rough rocky skin rising at a height of 25 meters from the surface of the water are powerful.It is designated as a scenic spot of the country, a natural treasure.
  • Matsushima Aquarium

    • Approximately 80 minutes by car

      It is an aquarium that you can see, touch, and have fun experiences such as "Dolphin Show" and "Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium" with underwater tunnel.
  • Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

    • Approximately 120 minutes by car

      It is Katsuyama City in Katsuyama City famous for excavating dinosaur fossils nationwide.It is also known as a dinosaur museum in the world, and you can enjoy from adults to children such as specimens and models.
  • Mr. Asakura Ruins

    • Approximately 100 minutes by car

      Castle town trace when Mr. Asakura dominated the Echizen country in the Warring States Period.The excavated ruins are designated as a special scenic spot of the country / special scenic spot.
  • Leisure facilities

    • Shibamasa World

      Theme park surrounded by the Sea of ​​Japan and the lawn.The world's longest maximum fall float There are many attractions such as a pool with waterslide and put golf.

      Approximately 80 minutes by car
    • Ski Jam Katsuyama

      All 12 course that you can enjoy from beginner to advanced, and big slope where you can enjoy long cruising with the longest running distance of 5,800 m in West Japan.